Posted by: raddestnerd | August 17, 2008

An Olympic Sized Question: Do Christians In China Still Suffer Persecution?

Yesterday, I sat down to read my Bible as I usually do. I finished Jude and it was time to read Revelation, and the Lord impressed upon my heart to read the book in one single sitting. I did, and I came away with the larger theme of the book impressed on my heart — that, Jesus the Lamb of God, will return as King of kings to avenge the blood of his saints.

That single theme gives me better perspective about the need for us to pray for the persecuted church. That the persecuted church must have a better understanding — a bone-deep understanding — of what it means to await for that “blessed hope” of the return of Jesus. And if they can remain steadfast in that blessed hope, surely we can remain steadfast amidst rising fuel costs.

Meanwhile, I pray that the Beijing Olympics only opens the door for greater religious freedom and human rights in that ancient land that appears so beautiful and pristine on my television screen.

And now, here’s Randy Alcorn’s blog entry that prompted me to reflect.

Read An Olympic Sized Question: Do Christians In China Still Suffer Persecution? on Randy Alcorn’s blog.


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