Posted by: raddestnerd | September 8, 2008

Terminator: Do You Believe In The Resurrection?

“Do you believe in the resurrection?” asks Cameron, a Terminator sent to protect John, as she sits in a church staring up at a crucifix.

Sarah says, “What?”

“The story of Jesus Christ,” Cameron clarifies.

Cameron isn’t the only android in television and film that serves to raise poignant questions about the human condition. There was Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation. And — okay, I can’t think of any thing else. I don’t think the house-maid robot in The Jetsons count here.

Anyway. Tonight, season two of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles premiered with the episode aptly titled, “Samson & Delilah.”

Like Battlestar Galactica this show has sci-fi elements, awesome action/vfx-sfx, and most importantly, it has moments of real drama and gripping emotion that asks us to ask ourselves the important questions of what really matters.

So. Do you believe in the resurrection?



  1. I just watched the episode yesterday (Kathy DVR’d it for me when I was teaching Monday night). I seem to wonder if they’re moving in the direction for Cameron to desire to become more human-like. To be human requires an element of faith, at least at certain times.

    You actually mentioned that third example you couldn’t think of–in Battlestar Galactica, the cylons all believe in a monotheistic god (although I think it’s just a subtle play on Islam by the writers rather than Christianity). The cylons seem obsessed with love and with the idea that there is a sovereign god in control–both of which are part of their desire to be human, I believe. Of course, I came to the BSG game late. Kathy and I are only in the second season right now, watching the episodes on DVD via NetFlix.

  2. You’re right!
    BSG is another example. That is another great show that I watch “religiously.” Can’t wait till the second half of the final season returns. Hope it’s not too difficult for you to avoid any potential spoilers as you’re catching up!

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