Posted by: raddestnerd | November 21, 2008

The Terminator Argument + IBM’s Brain-Like Computers

brain-computerThe Terminator Argument is the monicker of the rationale for human beings to voluntarily curtail or slow down the progress of technology. Appearently there are groups of futurists and scientists out there who are called Transhumanists who envision a soon-coming Posthuman era, where the line between man and machine begins to blure through the use and intergration of advanced technologies.

What is freaky to me, is that these ideas have always been presented to us in science fiction as horror stories. The most famous of these would be “The Terminator” film by James Cameron. Hence, the name “The Terminator Argument” for the rationale that un-curtailed, we would eventually create the technology that gives birth to our own extinction.

Now, because I have a biblical worldview, I believe that humanity’s final hope rests in Jesus of Nazareth the Messiah…

Still, I think it’s freaky when “The Terminator” mythology seems to be coming true:

1) We have Japanese scientists actively developing androids. This one is Aiko by a Canadian-Japanese man who is building his android in his home as a very, very expensive hobby. Guess what: he was inspired by watching anime when he was a kid.

2) Just like “The Terminator” films, our U.S. DOD is developing an A.I. to mimic the human brain with IBM. (Remember, IBM made the punch-card system for Hitler’s Nazi Germany that gave them the wherewithal to carry out the Holocaust.)

Yes, people, these scifi shows aren’t just entertainment. They are called “cautionary tales” for a reason. But, alas, curiosity killed the human. When author Michael Crichton first showed his scientist friend his manuscript for his novel JURASSIC PARK, the scientist friend immediately said, that’s a great idea, resurrecting dinosaurs from DNA trapped in amber. I’ll go do it! And Crichton said, “No! I wrote the book so that you wouldn’t do it!”


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