Posted by: raddestnerd | June 11, 2009

In Memoriam: Michael Crichton

November 2009

November 2009

The first “grown-up” novel I read was the late great author Michael Crichton’s JURASSIC PARK. I was an eighth grader. I had to read it again two/three years later to fully appreciate it.

If it weren’t for Spielberg’s film I would not have discovered the book. And if it weren’t for Crichton’s book I would never have discovered the sheer joy of reading.

Crichton inspired me to be a writer. So I majored in Creative Writing during my undergrad years.

All that reading has prepared me to continue my education at Azusa Pacitifc University where I am in training to become a minister.

Importantly, Crichton’s novels always had a strong sense of the pursuit of truth. Especially reflected in his latest works STATE OF FEAR (about climate change) and NEXT (about genetics & bio-tech firms).

I believe this streak of seeking out truth informs my ministry as a pastor as well. Where I do not want to sell the people short. Where I want to accurately understand what the Biblical text is on its own terms. And present that to the people so that they can have a vibrant life of faith in God in pursuit of truth.

Every time I pass my book shelf, and see Crichton’s books, I think of him, and the positive and profound impact his work has had on my life. He set me on the path of reading the world.



  1. Sad to read, that Michael Crichton died. I liked his books and the films. Although for me he was not the one who set me on the path of reading, his books gave me a strong impulse to to think moore criticly. Thanks for sharing,

    • @ JNj
      Which author started you on the path of reading?

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