Posted by: raddestnerd | July 20, 2009

I Wonder Who Wrote ‘Hebrews’?

I wonder who wrote the book of Hebrews?  It used to be thought that the Holy Spirit used the apostle Paul to pen the epistle.  But, Paul always identifies himself in all his letters with an opening greeting and a closing greeting that is typcial to him.  And Hebrews has no such identifying features that would clearly link Paul as God’s amanuensis.

Some study Bibles suggest that Hebrews could have been penned by Barnabas. (Of course, that does not put Paul out of the running.)  In any case, the other day in talking with a friend about how Hebrews is such an exciting book because it’s all about Jesus, and it sheds light on how the Old Testament is all about Jesus, it hit me:

What if Hebrews was written by Cleopas, and he was writing what Jesus himself had explained to him on the road to Emmaus?  Just . . . What if?


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