Posted by: raddestnerd | September 27, 2010

Why J.J. Abrams’ ‘Star Trek’ Needs To Get In Touch With Its Geek Again

This morning on The Today Show President Obama sat down with Matt Lauer in the Green Room of the White House to talk about education.

We in America are falling behind in Math and Science.

In the “Star Trek 25th Anniversary” Special hosted by William Shatner and Leonard Nemoy, many astronauts said they decided to become scientists because they grew up watching the Original Series – and they were inspired by the show.

While there are so many pros to Abrams’ recon/reboot there really was no sense that all of these people are actually scientists and explorers, save Chekov the Russian whiz kid.

In fact, Captain Pike’s recruiting line to the young James T. Kirk included the line that Starfleet is “a peace-keeping armada,” which makes it sound more like the lame UN guys in their blue helmets, rather than evoke the, “to explore strange new worlds and seek out new civilizations,” bit of the Starfleet Charter.

I think now that the new “Star Trek” has garnered its Summer Blockbuster status, it’s time for Trek to get back in touch with its Geek – with its moral dilemmas, scientific solutions, and lessons on leadership and human nature.

So that Trek can once again inspire a new generation of real-life scientists. (Unlike “Star Wars” where all its done for America is inspire people to start the Church of Jediism and identify themselves as “Jedi” under religion in the recent Census.)


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